“BUYERS”  You Need To Hire Your Own Agent !

Hire your own agent, it's free

Hire Your Own Agent,  it’s free. A buyers agent is your representative.  Keep in mind a listing agent has entered into a binding agreement that requires them to act in the best interest of the seller first and foremost, not you the buyer.  Using a Buyers agent makes sure that there is someone assuring that YOUR best interests are accounted for, hire your own agent.  Finally having a Buyer’s agent doesn’t cost you any money.  The seller pays your buyer agent’s commission.  Even though your agent works for you, you don’t pay them!

When I first meet a buyer client, I spend time learning what is important to them and what they like about different types of homes.  We work together to define expectations and goals.
The first thing I do after you officially hire me is to get you pre-qualified with a lender if you haven’t already done so.
The next step is to set you up with our MLS Search Portal if you haven’t already done so. Our goal will be to identify everything on the market that meets your needs and schedule viewing appointments.
Once we find a home you would like to purchase I’ll generate a CMA( Comparative market Analysis), to make sure the property is priced appropriately.  If all looks good, we will make and offer and I’ll negotiate on your behalf to get the best deal.

Are You Buying A New Home From A Builder?
“Don’t Use The Builder’s Agent”
Remember The Builders Agent Represents The Builder!

Some of Things To Remember When Buying From A Builder:

  1. Hire your own agent. You may think you’ll get a better deal, but remember many buyers use the builders sales agent to represent them. Keep in mind that if the builders agent represents you and the builder, under Az state law they can’t negotiate on your behalf, they must remain neutral.
  2. Never, Never, Never visit new construction without your agent present.  If you do the builder will most likely not pay your agent, you will end up with the bill.
  3. Order a home inspection. Don’t waive the right to a inspection, the benefits far out weigh the costs.  Best yet if you hire me I’ll reimburse you the cost of the inspection out of my commission at closing.
  4. Require your earnest deposits to go into an escrow account. Require all deposits and payments you make go into an escrow account, not the builders business account.
  5. …. and so much more, the reason you need to hire an agent to represent you.