Closing Bonus Reward Program

  Are You Selling and Buying? – 

  If you sell a home as well as purchase another home wouldn’t it by great to get a Closing Bonus?
  Using Doug Scheitlin (Keller Williams Realty East Valley) to buy and sell a home,
  You may be eligible for a special $500 Bonus.


$500 on the 2nd home you buy or sell

  Reward Program – Closing Bonus details:

  The $500 closing bonus, when you buy and sell applies to any purchase and sale that pays A minimum of 2.5% commission on each transaction to Doug Scheitlin (Keller Williams Realty East Valley).

  In the event that either of the two commissions falls below 2.5%, the COE bonus will be reduced accordingly.
 All COE credits are calculated on the COE contract price. Payment will be credited to client at COE of the 2nd transaction.  Both sales must occur within the same 180 day period