Have you ever been temped to purchase a home using the listing agent as your agent also ?


Two%20Headed%20Agent%20Dual%20Agency_3x5DON’T – Listing Agents or their Team Members Can’t Negotiate On Your Behalf!

This is what’s know as Dual-agency, where the selling agent will offers to “act” as both the selling agent and buying agent and of course collect a double commission. Keep in mind that when the seller and buyer agree to allow this the listing agent looses the ability to negotiate on your behalf ( the agent must remain neutral).

So what motivates Buyers to not use their own agent?

1. The Buyer believes they will save money and won’t have to pay their agent a commission. Not True, the seller is paying your agent. you don’t pay a commission to your agent.

2. The Buyer believe they can negotiate a better deal directly with the listing agent. Not True, the listing agent can’t tell you what the true value of the home is in Dual-Agency. The listing agent cannot provide you with a CMA ( Comparative Market Analysis) of the property, indicating that the property is worth less than the list price. They can only supply you what they prepared for the Seller.

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